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Call of Duty Warzone: Top 5 Assault Rifles to dominate the game

2020-04-21 10:41:14

Today we bring you a Call of Duty Warzone guide where we will explain which are the Top 5 Assault Rifles available.

What does Call of Duty Warzone bring to us?

 Simply its name betrays it, since obviously being an action and tactical game implies the need to have some amount of necessary weapons, because our objective at all costs must be to defend ourselves and come out alive from the fighting.

Normally not all weapons are always the same, some can have some considerable improvements and specifically it is there where we can detail the assault rifles, a very formidable weapon with which we can get damage, being probably one of the most sought after by most of the players.

 The option of getting weapons on the ground and using them is not new and is usually seen regularly in the Call of Duty saga, an additional alternative to want to have more notions about which are the best assault rifles, with the possibility that this can be a personal weapon and also with the possibility of getting about $ 10,000 that allows us to buy a cargo box.

What are the best assault rifles in Call of Duty Warzone?

  •  M13 Assault Rifle: This is a fairly comfortable rifle to use, as it has an excellent damage multiplier and unique aim towards the head, it has a low recoil that makes it comfortable, especially if we are players bad enough to control recoil , is a phenomenal weapon to execute close range combat and shoot down a number of armored enemies.
  • RAM-7 assault rifle: This rifle is simply an artillery beauty, since it is special to be used in short and medium range combat, being the best to be used in crowded places, it is a weapon that allows us to quickly shoot down enemies in Call of Duty Warzone, especially if these are armored, also has a somewhat complicated recoil to handle that makes it expert, especially managing to pair it with a sniper rifle.
  • ODEN assault rifle: This rifle probably needs to be ranked among the best due to its ability to inflict damage, as only by attaching a Colossus suppressor we can achieve excellent results, as this will make the scope of this weapon It can be even better, since it is already of medium and long range, it is possible to affirm that this rifle simply has no comparison with any other, the recoil is tolerant in such a way that it makes it a very interesting weapon, especially if we pair it with a hard optic, to give it a more perfect touch.
  • M4A1 assault rifle: Knowing which are the best assault rifles led us to a fantastic search and we have achieved with the M4A1, it has a hybrid sight of the M16 that allows us to make it a more effective weapon, as it stands out from a very interesting way, since it is short, medium and long range, it has a monolithic suppressor and does not compromise effectiveness, it is one of the weapons that we can pick up from the ground and it is even possible to add some additional changes to it in Call of Duty Warzone
  • AUG assault rifle: This is an important part of the best assault rifles that we can get in this game and it is a medium range weapon, it has a monolithic suppressor, it has quite solid precision, although it is a moderately limited weapon, it is excellent. We can make some modifications to it, since it looks more like a submachine gun, it is an excellent rifle for explorers and perhaps this is based on the fact that the extended barrel is 407mm.


This is all you need to know about the best assault rifles we can get at Call of Duty Warzone just look them up and start seeing how great they can be!

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