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With our Call of Duty Modern Warfare guide you will learn more about How to get the JAK-12 shotgun.

What to know about the JAK-12 shotgun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

Content does not stop coming through the updates for season 6 of this game, among which new adjustments and weapons are presented, in the case of the JAK-12, a shotgun, a weapon that was seen by the series in the past and that was previously known as the AA-12 shotgun, because of this it is necessary to understand how to obtain the JAK-12 shotgun and we will see these details below.

How to get the JAK-12 shotgun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

It is necessary that we achieve 3 deaths by hip fire when using a shotgun during 7 different games in multiplayer mode, certainly the matter of death can be carried out, in order to unlock this weapon what we will do is use the playlists In Free-for-All or Team Deathmatch, being the most effective points to carry out this Domination or Hardpoint, these are the ideal modes for this, being the way in which we will avoid deaths until the end, it is necessary that we use a comfortable shotgun to seek to complete this challenge in any of the aforementioned modes.
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Taking into account that it is an automatic shotgun, high speed of fire is possible to cause important deaths when being in close combat, but it is also possible to find disadvantages in the JAK-12, these exist in the recoil and cause little damage , which can put it in a position far below compared to some other weapons that we have in the game, the effectiveness is remarkable when being in short distances without the enemies having a possible reaction, it is ideal that Let us take into account the short-range constructions that end up reducing the dispersion of the bullets to improve accuracy, for this some we have accessories such as the 5mW laser, the choke, the TAC Marauder forger and the rubber grip tape, being for the JAK-12 ideal for constructions.

Finally, now that we know how to get the JAK-12 shotgun we can move on to Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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