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Lidia Rozo
2022-05-06 14:41:04

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Call of Duty Mobile offers us other changes and therefore it is necessary to talk to you about The best MAC-10 Loadout for season 4.

Why talk about The best MAC-10 Loadout for season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile?

Because it offers us the opportunity to incorporate some favorable accessories to this SMG, although it is true, this is a pretty good weapon, it is important to keep in mind that it is possible to make it better, this offers us the ability to get more shots accurate at long distance, we must also take into account that this is a weapon that has range and of course, speed.

It should be noted that knowing the best MAC-10 Loadout for season 4 is vital, even though we know that in the previous season of Call of Duty Mobile this was a powerful weapon, there is the possibility of making it much stronger, in addition to this can have more scope and this comes to make a change.

What is the best MAC-10 loadout for season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile?

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Rustle rear grip grip tape: with this accessory we get more ADS speed, considering that this is a weapon that is usually based on movement.

6.2” cavalry cannon: we continue talking about accessories for this Call of Duty Mobile weapon and in this sense, this cannon allows us to be the best alternative that we can have thanks to the precision that it usually offers us, which implies an increase in about 80 percent, the only negative here is that it has a bit of recoil.

SAS Combat Stock: This is another necessary accessory to apply to the Best MAC-10 Loadout for Season 4 and allows us to have ADS movement speed, it also allows us to get a boost in sprint-to-fire speed.

Field agent grip: this accessory offers us the possibility of having more recoil control and being able to balance it, this equipment usually makes a balance in relation to the cavalry cannon, however, it should be noted that it could affect the speed of movement a little ADS.

STANAG 53 Round Extended Reload: This is another interesting accessory that allows us to have a faster rate of fire, it is even possible to have a larger magazine in case we are interested in getting multiple kills, which makes the best MAC equipment- 10 for season 4 is undoubtedly vital

Field Agent Grip: This is an accessory that allows us to have more precision and recoil control.

It is good to keep in mind that these previously named accessories allow us to have a weapon with a higher rate of fire, which can do much more damage and therefore the enemies can be eliminated easily, here it is vital to take into account that the range of damage in the charge of this weapon of Call of Duty Mobile it can be compensated and for this a slight nerf has been applied, this could make it less effective in some real range, but in the same way for this season it is excellent.

 We can conclude this guide on The best MAC-10 Loadout for season 4, so it will only be enough to apply these accessories and make this weapon an excellent companion in Call of Duty M

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