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Lidia Rozo
2022-05-06 14:01:21

More about: Call of Duty Mobile

The changes also apply in Call of Duty Mobile and therefore we will tell you about the best AS VAL equipment for season 4.

Why talk about Best AS VAL Gear for Season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile?

Because we are immersed in a new season where it is necessary to have some necessary modifications to the weapons to make them much more favorable, this weapon is an artifact that is usually a damage multiplier and has an interesting firing speed, even when the recoil control is a disadvantage, it is worth mentioning that the accessories that we will place on it allow it to be a more powerful weapon, this simply makes it a favorable option.

What is the best AS VAL gear for Season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile?

We must bear in mind that one of the most relevant tasks in relation to this weapon is to reduce the dispersion of the base bullet, in addition to achieving horizontal recoil, in this sense, we must take into account:
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Ammunition Great Extended Mag B Level 5: this accessory allows this rifle that has a rate of fire to have enough ammunition, this considering that it is a type of weapon that runs out of it quickly and therefore it is necessary to incorporate a magazine extended.

Laser OWC Laser- Tactical Level 8: We are still talking about the best AS VAL equipment for Season 4 and this accessory allows you to achieve a reduction in bullet spread by 30 percent, we just have to be careful because with the laser we are more likely to be seen while in ADS.

Underbarrel Ranger Foregrip Level 30: There are several options for this weapon, however, this accessory allows you to have adequate accuracy, without having to sacrifice the ADS speed of this weapon of Call of Duty Mobile

Level 5 Granulated Sandpaper Rear Grip: this is another necessary accessory in The best AS VAL equipment for season 4 of this Call of Duty Mobile weapon, it offers us a final boost from the bullets of this weapon, which allows us to shoot with excellent precision .

MIP Barrel 200 mm Medium range Barrel Level 42: with this accessory we get damage range, in addition to bullet dispersion enhancers, achieving that it can be increased by 20 percent.

It should be noted that this is a weapon that is usually much more powerful than machine guns and equipping it with these mentioned accessories makes it a wonderful companion.

 We can end this guide on the best AS VAL equipment for season 4, so that it is only necessary to incorporate the accessories and make the best use of it as possible in Call of Duty Mobile.

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