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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-03 03:16:03

More about: Call of Duty Mobile

We continue our work in Call of Duty Mobile and it is pertinent to tell you How to obtain the bloodthirsty medal

What is the bloodthirsty medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

This is simply a necessary challenge that we must carry out in this game, in such a way that it becomes necessary to get involved in a search that allows us to work specifically on the event in the Call of Duty Mobile Shooter, which makes us consider the possibility of executing some deaths avoiding dying at all costs because simply knowing how to obtain the bloodthirsty medal simply allows us to continue working in a formidable way in this game to progress.
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How to get the bloodthirsty medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

 This task leads us to consider:

  •  Locate us in the main menu to choose events.
  • Then you need to choose the Seasonal tab.
  • Next, we select the Total Savage option.
  • To finish we touch Go and that's it.


 Now, to know how to get the bloodthirsty medal it is necessary to consider some aspects such as the weapon to use to carry out this event in Call of Duty Mobile, in such a way that it is necessary to take care of locating a good weapon, in fact, it is possible to equip one with additional details To achieve better results, a very favorable weapon is the M4 light machine gun, which can be equipped with:


  •  Monolithic suppressor.
  • RTC Stock Stable.
  • Grainy grip tape.
  • Tactical grip A.
  • OWC Tactical Laser.


 With these improvements to the weapon, it is possible to consider certain advantages to get the possibility of knowing how to obtain the bloodthirsty medal and they are the following:

  •  It has dead silence which is great since opponents won't be able to hear us.
  • It is agile and this is simply phenomenal since we can count on the ability to aim more than 80 percent while greatly reducing time.
  • It has a quick fix that allows us to have the possibility of restoring our health after a slaughter.
  • There is an interesting skin and it is that of the Crimson Vampire, the detail is that it can only be achieved when we reach the level in Call of Duty Mobile, which is favorable and allows us to get at least 5 percent of XP each time we use it.


 An excellent strategy to get this bloodthirsty medal is to play in multiplayer mode, since here we are not limited to carrying out the deaths, in such a way that this leads us to kill without seeing the need to restart this challenge, which allows us to participate in the three stages of domination, and thus get some rewards after three medals, such as:

  •  2000 Battle Passes XP.
  • 10 weapon cards.


 In this sense, knowing how to obtain the bloodthirsty medal simply allows us to get involved in a fight with several enemies to kill them, as it is just a challenge present in Call of Duty Mobile.

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