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Call of Duty Mobile: How to get more Skins

2019-10-07 15:32:11

In Call of Duty Mobile you can get countless masks of different weapons, in this guide we will tell players how to get Skin

The best way to unlock the different weapons masks in Call of Duty Mobile is to play the game, however you have a great variety of ways in which you can get Skin, some of the ways require you to invest a little of your money, but for the most part you only need to play to unlock them Next we will tell you the different ways of how to get Skin.

How to get Skin in Call ofDuty Mobile

As we all know Call ofDuty Mobile is one of the free games, and among its greatest rewards are the weapons masks, which you will get for fulfilling different tasks and challenges of the game, here is a list of activities so you can get Skin in the game.

First way: just by starting the section you can get Skin through rewards bonuses with items and boxes, you may receive Skin just by starting the section on the game every day.

Second way: if you complete the weekly challenges available in the Call of Duty Mobile game, you can win boxes and C currency, the boxes can contain masks, and the C currency can be used in the store to exchange it for Skin.

Third way: this very pending weekly events, you just have to go to the events tab from the main menu, there you will observe the events to which you can participate, you will get some reward boxes, among them can be the mask.

Fourth way: another of the ways to get Skin is leveling up the battle pass, the battle pass has many levels and among them you will have a free one that will allow you to get free Skin while you continue advancing in the levels.

How to get Skin Premium in Call ofDuty Mobile

Since Call of Duty Mobile is a free game, you can waste all your money if you like, so you can buy a Premium battle pass, so you will have the opportunity to obtain as a single reward Premium Skin, also allows you to buy points.

You will also have the option to buy Skin in the store if you do not want to spend your time playing, what you have to do is very simple, go to the store and buy Call of Duty points, then you can spend those points on what you want to own the store.

Another of the possibilities of how to get Skins in the game is using CP, with them you can buy boxes of thematic weapons, you have the availability of many packages for the different CPs, that is, according to the Skin you want, select the correct box, you should keep in mind that You can buy the boxes one by one or if you prefer in packages of 10.

If you manage to store enough money, you can buy the battle pass, in this way you will be able to have a lot of SkinsPremium as a reward, but unfortunately this battle pass costs 2,000 CP, but if you do not have that money it will not be possible, if you You buy masks, boxes, CP, and many more items as you continue to advance in the game.

This is it, we hope that our guide has been very helpful in Call of Duty Mobile, now you know how to get Skin, we have left you a list of the different ways to get them, thanks for always being with us, good luck.

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