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Our guide today Breathedge lets us talk to you about How to make a purification station

What is the debug station in Breathedge?

  This is one of the various objects that we are allowed to manufacture in this game, as it works as a vital element and is usually a necessary part of this game, in this sense, knowing how to make a purification station simply embarks us before the possibility of surviving, because this environment is somewhat complex, we are in the middle of the possibility of carrying the ashes of the grandfather, and we will be involved in a conspiracy of the end of the universe, because the purification station has a very clear objective, and it is to teach us about the manufacturing and inventory management.

How to make a debug station in Breathedge?

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    • It is necessary to choose to interact with the ship's processing bank in order for it to appear in the inventory.
    • Then in the menu we click on team.
    • Next, it is necessary to go to tools in order to find the debugging station where we will see two tabs with a star symbol.
    • We proceed to pass the mouse through the purification station where we will observe a description of the durability of the object and the necessary materials.

     Our next job makes us look for the necessary materials to make the purification station and these are:

     Metal: this is usually found outside the ship, they usually have orange or white orbs, they are floating, which makes it necessary to use a spacesuit because it is necessary to open the hatch to get out of the ship, once let's see the metal, it will be necessary to press the left mouse button in order to take it.

     Wire: this is another necessary material and to achieve it is necessary to approach the exploited ends in the ruins and choose to press the left button of the mouse in order to take the cable, since the wire usually protrudes from the remains of other ships.

     Now the topic of the manufacture of the demolition station leads us to:

    •  Go to the warehouse and locate us at the processing bench.
    • This appears in the menu and makes us choose to click with the left mouse button.
    • Then it will be necessary to mobilize to the receiving unit for a while in order to complete the task and mission.

     Now that you know how to make a debugging station you can try it on your own at Breathedge, good luck.

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