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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-14 18:23:25

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Borderlands 3 keeps giving us occupations and this time it is necessary to know what are the Benediction of Pain Crew Challenges

What is the Benediction of pain in Borderlands 3 3?

  It is a series of interesting challenges for which it is necessary to achieve a total of 3 pedestals, since these usually shoot orbits that must necessarily be shot down and all this usually occurs in an area that we can explore in the Psychoi Krieg.
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What are Benediction of Pain Crew Challenges in Borderlands 3?

 It is important to understand that these challenges are mostly achieved somewhat far from the missions, and in somewhat complex places to locate, to know that we are close it is possible to have the Tianis who will be in charge of notifying us and this allows us to complete this challenge in three steps.


  •  First noise signal: the first thing we must do to complete this challenge is to fire a sound wave and activate it, then proceed to shoot all the orbits that usually come out of it `to carry out the challenge of the crew, for this it is necessary to be in front of the great floating head of Hadsome Jack, because here we come as part of the main mission of this expansion.
  • Second noise signal: We continue on our way to complete the crew challenges this probe is visible on a ledge in Bedlam Block, an area where there are a number of War Observers.
  • Third Signal Noise: This is the last challenge we need to complete where it is possible to get a War Watcher Alpha and this is located in Rattlecage Ward.

 Generally speaking, knowing what Benediction of Pain Crew Challenges are simply allows us to mobilize a bit and do some interesting searches on Borderlands 3.

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