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Black Desert Mobile: How To Tame Horses

2020-02-05 09:37:11

Knowing how to tame horses is important when we are moving through the Black Desert Mobile universe, let's see how it is achieved.

In this game there are several things to do, and tame horses is precisely one of those, because with that we get some additional space in our inventory.

What do we need to tame the horses in Black Desert Mobile?

To carry out this task it is necessary to get some objects, on the one hand you need to get some raw sugar, and on the other a rope to tame horses, the good thing is that both items can be purchased in any city and are quite accessible, even when the work of tame horses seems quite rare, especially if we are new to this game.

How to tame horses in Blasck Desert Mobile?

The task of tame the horses can be done anywhere in the game, we can take a walk and look for a place where you can see an icon with a horse shoe or a horse on the mini map, remember that the horses here we go To tame are wild horses. When getting the horse it is necessary to take into account that because we are wild we must be patient, move as slowly as possible, because otherwise it will scare you and obviously run away, we can choose to get as close as we can because in this way we can feed them with sugar, because with this we will possibly get 50 percent of the possibilities, because the sugar reflects about 10 per cube and continue like this until we reach 90 with it we achieve our goal.

When tame the horse we are offered the possibility of making a mini game, where maintaining balance and control of the green area at least three times is a symbol that we have tamed this animal, being really a task easy enough and interesting.

In general terms, knowing how to tame horses is simply one of the best activities that Black Desert Mobile offers us, because it simply brings us a little closer to reality and offers us the possibility of interacting with them directly.

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