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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-16 14:37:04

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Guide to learn how to win the lottery in BitLife

 The lottery is a game of chance where, if you are lucky, you can win a very rewarding amount of money, but it is not easy to achieve it in real life. The truth is that you are much more likely to win this in BitLife so in this guide we will teach you How to win the lottery in the game since the rewards are the most juicy.

How to win the lottery at BitLife?

The first thing you must do to participate in the lottery is to compare a lottery ticket and for this you must go to the Activities tab. Look for the Lottery option and you will have two options. You can buy a single ticket or buy 10 tickets. Each ticket will cost you $ 5 and you will be able to see the jackpot amount in this window.

The mechanics of this are very simple, since being a lottery all you have to do is buy whenever you can and wait to win, whether you buy a ticket or the pack of 10, of course if you buy the latter the Odds of winning will increase. Only it will cost you $ 50.

There is another way in which you can increase your chances of winning but this is also given randomly in addition to the fact that you should be aware of it, and that is that with each year you get older, you will see a background text below your age. You may notice that one year it will say "A fortune cookie told me to play the lottery." If you see this message, be sure to play the lottery because you are guaranteed to win if you do.
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You can also achieve a victory if you get the Lucky Dice Relic. You get a chance to get a relic every day, so if you come across the lucky dice start buying tickets. You can go to your Assets area, then select the dice and play with them. Once you've finished playing your dice, you can purchase a lottery ticket and you should win the jackpot! Alternatively you can also go to the casino and there you should also win some money.

You can apply some of these tips to the other games of chance. For example, you can use the fortune cookie, where you will see a message on your screen after you get old about someone telling you about a horse you should bet on. If you see this, you must do so immediately to guarantee victory.

 Now that you know how to win the lottery in BitLife you can apply some of these tricks to achieve a victory and have a good remuneration of them as a prize. Luck!

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