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In the BitLife universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to rob a bank and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about BitLife?

There are many types of life that we can dedicate ourselves to in this game, the life of crime is one of these, being one in which we will carry out bank robberies to get large amounts of money instantly, it is necessary that we understand how to rob a bank And for this we have the content of this guide to guide us with the details, let's see what it is about.
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    How to rob a bank in BitLife?

    We will go through the crime menu to which we access through the activities, where our next option to start is that of bank robbery, having here several different possibilities to consider, among which are the weapon, the disguise and the escape route Whatever our decision we have that success depends on what the game tells us, it is something that turns out to be random, but if we fail we will be able to get out of the game and try to achieve it again, the point is that we can Trying it as many times as necessary until we reach our goal, applying the suit options on some occasions is not a guarantee of success, due to the random nature of this task, if we fail we can escape if they put us in prison.

      It is evident that knowing how to rob a bank allows us to have more fun in BitLife.

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