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Guide to learn how to become a model in BitLife

  The popular virtual reality game where you can create and develop the life you want, the opportunity to become a Model!

But keep in mind that life's paths are not easy, and this is no exception to the rule. If you want to be a model, you must work very hard and protect your good looks as you advance through the modeling ranks. And if what you want is to become a Top Model then you must be able to meet strict requirements.
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    How to become a model in BitLife?

    It will be much easier for you to progress as a model if you are a woman and you are born with a highly valued appearance, health and happiness, although this may lead you to restart the game for it.

    Your strict guide will start very early, for example, in your school years, the main concern you must have is to keep your characters' statistics high. Study hard, play sports, and participate in various activities to make sure your stats stay as high as possible. Don't fight with friends or family, and do your best to make friends to keep your happiness levels high.

    Once you leave school you can choose to go to college or work directly, though you should check the jobs section regularly and it will look for the standing model job, which is the first job on the model ladder.

    After that, you should look at the jobs section as much as you can to try to progress your career. You must perform the following professional jumps:

    • Standing model
    • Hand model
    • Catalog model
    • Lingerie model
    • Track model

    Among all positions, the catwalk model is the game's highest-paid modeling job, marking the zenith of the modeling career.

    Remember to watch your stats at all times, as they must be consistently high to get every new job.

     With that said how to become a model in BitLife you must follow this strict life, but the pay and the fame will be worth it, right?

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