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Guide to learn How to be a professional athlete in BitLife

  For sports fans (or those with the fantasy of being one) many gamers wonder if BitLife can give you the experience of becoming a sports star. Well, there is bad news for people who have been looking for this option at the moment, but hopefully things will shine in the future. In this article we will explain how to be a professional athlete, or as similar as the game allows at the moment.

How to be a professional athlete in BitLife?

Being a professional player or athlete is a very distant dream right now in the game - you can only participate in sports if you are in school, and even then it is a bit superficial. You can practice more and become the captain of a team, but there is little else to do in sports at the moment. The developers have yet to take on the task of creating these professions.
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    As they have not made any updates references to this topic, the only thing left is to speculate the reasons why they have not made this arrangement, it is most likely that if they add it it would be a fairly large update, if you consider all the sports that could potentially bring to the game. There could also be some licensing issues if they wanted to use the official sports leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. It's also not known if athletes' names can be used, but the game is more or less a parody and uses celebrity names currently, which could make it possible.

    We haven't heard much about what's next for BitLife. The team just finished the much sought-after royalty update, so they are likely starting with whatever their next big update is.

    A sports update is an exaggeration, so I would not be surprised if it were on your list, however, if this is given, do not hesitate to have an article talking about it.

    Now that you know how to be a professional athlete in Bitlife, the only thing left is to wait for the developers to prepare something special, while it will be time to use another profession.

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