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Guide to learn How to be a monk in BitLife

  As you already know, BitLife helps you with the simulation of different professions that can be carried out in real life, although some are extravagant, such as the monk profession. The problem? it's a bit more difficult because you will have to last 75 years on the job, which could be problematic if you can't survive. In this guide we will teach you how to be a real monk in the game and all the requirements for it.

How to be a monk in BitLife?

You will have to be a man and then you will just have to finish high school. Below you can find the Monk career in the jobs menu. I think you have to stay a virgin, because if I wasn't, I would have trouble getting the job. If you can't find the available Monk option, you can either age or close the app entirely and reopen it to get a new set of jobs.
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    Some tips to become a monk in BitLife

    The work of monk is exclusively for men, so you will have to be of this gender to carry it out. First, you will have to age into adolescence and graduate from school but remain celibate because they consider it important to apply. Once you have finished school, go to the jobs menu and search for the career. It will be at the end because it is a very low paid job. If you don't see it, you can either get old or close your game and reopen it for new job options. The job seems to be pretty weird so you may need to do it more than a few times.

    It is not much more than this information to become a monk in the game, but if you are looking to complete the achievement, you will need to continue in the career for 75 years.

    Another tip is to stay in good health as much as possible, because that will determine how long it will live and as we mentioned before, you will have to live long enough for it. You will also want to keep as happy as possible and go to the doctor if you have any kind of illness.

     With this said about How to be a monk in BitLife you can aspire to this spiritual "profession" that the game brings you to live different experiences. Luck!

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