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BioShock: How to Change Plasmids

2020-02-06 11:52:42

This time we wanted to tell you something very important and that is how to change the plasmids in BioShock.

What are the plasmids in BioShock.

They are basically special abilities that Jack can inject, you can only have two of them equipped at the same time, so at a certain point you will want to know how to change them and this we will tell you next.

How to change plasmids in BioShock.

The first thing you need to do to change plasmids is to find a gene bank, which are a type of "vending machine. You can find the first one in the Medical Pavilion after defeating your first "boss.

When you have enough plasmids but few spaces for them, what you have to do is interact with a gene bank and select the plasmid you want to equip, then select the space where you will assign it and you can exit the gene bank.

How to unlock more plasmid slots in BioShock.

You can unlock more slots by visiting a collector's garden, where you can spend your Adam on more plasmid slots, tonic slots and health and Eve enhancements, among others.

This is all you need to know about how to change plasmids in BioShock, so we hope our guide has been very helpful to you and now that you know how to change them you need to focus on unlocking more slots to equip more and more plasmids.

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