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Battletoads has come to entertain us and that is why today it is important to know how to make Taunt your enemy

Why use taunt on Battleoads?

The truth is that this is only a combat option, it is not the only one but it is an interesting one that we can easily apply and where we will come out well, we will only make a simple animation and not long, useful enough to get the enemy may get a bit upset, which simply makes us boast since this ability, although everyone can use it, does not always apply it.
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    Is it possible to get more teases in Battletoads?

    Taunts are simply a combat alternative so they should not necessarily be applied, however they are sought as an escape and can be given to give the game a different form, since we are faced with the possibility of having several scenarios, which is favorable and better to apply the combat strategy that seems most favorable to us, this will probably serve for the future, you never know, you have to keep hope.

    How to taunt your enemy in Battletoads?

     The truth is that there is not much to know about making Taunt your enemy, since this rather works as a mere animation, you can make taunts according to the character you may be controlling so there are no major changes, each character has some taunt So trying with all of them is not a bad idea, here you can choose the one that seems best to you or the most that can reflect you.

     To make Taunt your enemy you only need to press the right analog lever in the direction you consider necessary, because with this you will make your toad with whom you are fighting execute a taunt animation, this varies according to the direction where you move the lever, that is all, there are no further details.

     Now that you know how to taunt your enemy, it's time to take control and decide which one is the best for you in Battletoads.

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