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This time we return with a guide to Battletoads aiming to explain how to hack.

What to know about hacking in Battletoads?

There are some puzzles that are handled differently in this game, and that it will be necessary to hack the terminals manually, but these move and operate under the same structure, we will find in our progress that there are many of these to be solved, being sometimes annoying, right now to help us solve this dilemma we will see How to hack in this explanatory guide, it will only be enough that we pay attention to its following content.

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    How to hack in Battletoads?

    Along the way we will have to avoid being hit by the red squares, since they will send us to the beginning if this happens, we have to move to the end point of this screen, if we stop we will lose the thread and the direction, to progress you have to be in control with the help of timing, this to avoid taking too long and avoiding death from the spikes that are dragged at the end of the screen, if we find ourselves playing in difficulties that are easy in themselves, it is possible that the auto hack happen if we fail very frequently.

    It is clear that knowing how to hack helps us to progress while having fun at Battletoads.

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