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The world of toads could not be better represented than by Battletoads but this leads us to know how to dodge attacks

What does Battletoads bring us?

This is a game of toads where knowing how to dodge enemy attacks turns out to be an important task, although the game mechanics have not presented major changes in relation to previous installments, in the same way there are some improvements that make it interesting, because we are before bosses and enemies who can make life bitter if they propose it, for this today it is

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    How to dodge attacks in Battletoads?

    Dodging the attacks is simply necessary to avoid receiving blows, and even some projectiles that the enemies want to throw at us, this is a task where it will be necessary to be agile to stay alive, for this it is required to press RT with our Xbox controller in addition to moving the stick Left analog to the direction that we consider convenient, this is an interesting maneuver and one that we must execute as quickly as possible since we are not only going to dodge attacks from a single enemy.

    It is possible to make use of a Smash Hit and this can be done by pressing X and B simultaneously, ideal for defeating the enemies, since after an evasion it is possible to carry out some attacks when we see that an enemy is open, forgiving him is simply not One option.

    These are the buttons used on the Xbox One to execute the attacks on Battletoads:

    • To launch an attack we press - Y.
    • For a Morpho attack we press - B.
    • To carry out a regular strike we press –X.

    In conclusion, knowing how to dodge attacks simply allows us to be victorious in Battletoads, since it is our goal since nobody wants to be defeated, try it since it really is simple.

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