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With our Battletoads guide you will learn more about How to change the difficulty.

What to know about the difficulty in Battletoads?

The first thing to consider is the 3 different difficulties, which are Tadpole, toad and battle toad, we are certainly before a game that is challenging in terms of difficulty, if we want to understand How to change the difficulty, it is necessary that we put a lot of Attention to the following content, let's do it then.
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    How to change the difficulty in Battletoads?

    In the start menu we can make the choice of difficulty at our convenience and thus start the game, taking into account that the tadpole and toad will be the easiest, thus allowing our attacks to be strong and the enemies to have less health, we will also become invisible at some point for a short time, while the other battle toad difficulty is not possible to use this last characteristic, it is also too complicated to maintain a game in this so if it becomes of our choice we have We have to be aware of what we will face, the new game is the only moment where it is possible to change the difficulty, so if halfway through we change our mind with the choice made, we will have to start from the beginning and we will lose the journey.

    So we finished our guide on How to change the difficulty, hoping that you can get the best out of a game as busy as Battletoads.

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