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2021-07-15 18:10:16

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Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI continues to offer us various activities and therefore we will tell you how to download season 20 (M1).

What is the purpose of downloading season 20 (M1) in Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI?


To have the ability to have with us various content and features for this game that can only be played on Android devices in India, here we get some amount of new levels, plus costumes, weapon skins, ornaments and thus access the respective rewards, since there is a good amount.


How to download season 20 (M1) in Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI?

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It is necessary to note that we must have the 1.5 update of this season 20, this file is not usually available on Google Play Store, however, it is necessary to consider:


Opt to download the latest version of PUGB the Google Play Store on our Android device, then open the game and proceed to download the additional files.

We then proceed to restart Battlegrounds Mobile India, and we will see that there is an update on the loading screen of the game.

We must consider that this update is usually downloaded automatically in a few seconds, and we proceed to log in with our account to start enjoying all the new features that the game brings.

In this sense, knowing how to download season 20 (M1) gives us the opportunity to enjoy the new features that Battlegrounds Mobile India has for us.

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