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Back 4 Blood: How to ping - Tips and tricks

2020-12-22 09:53:15

Although there is still a long way to go to get our hands on Back 4 Blood it is necessary to be informed and therefore it is necessary to know how to ping

What are ping systems on Back 4 Blood?

These are simply a type of systems, which in a way represents a type of useful information for all teammates, here it is necessary to take care of getting some valuables, in the same way to take care of reviewing some general areas in particular as well as the enemy locations.

How to ping Back 4 Blood?

There is the possibility to ping:

  •   Weapons.
  • Enemies.
  • Accessories.
  • Ammunition and more.


  It should be noted that using ping can mean a considerable change and although there is not much information about this game, it is possible to find some important clues, this allows us to indicate that pinging is a simple task for which it is necessary:


  •   Press the Q key on our PC.
  • By pressing it is possible to see a marker that is usually placed on top of the object, which allows us to have the possibility of calling others.


Definitely, knowing how to ping is a fundamental task, because teamwork allows us to do the best we can in Back 4 Blood.

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