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Edelmira Leon
2021-02-01 03:09:45

More about: Atelier Ryza 2

In Atelier Ryza 2 it is very important to know how to find jade water and today we will be teaching you how to do it.

What is jade water in Atelier Ryza 2?

Jade Water is a crafting material that you will need in order to complete a main quest.

How to find jade water in Atelier Ryza 2?

The first thing you have to know is that you will not be able to find this material in nature until you have achieved a level three personnel improvement, through the skill tree and obtaining points.
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To verify the level of staff improvement you will have to access tools in the field and the staff should have three stars.

To get the jade water, you need to sell enough water to the development person, he can unlock it in the shops. You can find him with the woman from the plant in the city on certain occasions.

If you already have the personal improvement level at least 3, you can find it in a couple of places, such as in the Corroded Mine Cavern ruins on the map, where you will find two places that allow you to get barrels of water.

Remember to have your level three personnel equipped and hit them to get what you need.

When you have the jade water you can go home and create plant food for the farmer to complete that mission. Keep in mind that you can return to the previous locations for more water whenever you want.

 That's it, now that you know how to find jade water in Atelier Ryza 2 2, you can surely get a lot out of this resource.

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