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Ark Genesis: How To Earn Hexagons

2020-02-28 08:24:36

With this guide on Ark Genesis you can rest easy, because we are going to tell you how to win hexagons.

What are the hexagons in Ark Genesis.

This is a new currency added to the game, that currency can be exchanged with HLN-A for resources and also to skip the early agricultural routine. Therefore knowing how to win hexagons is very important, which in this guide we will answer.

How to earn hexagons in Ark Genesis.

As you will know the game has launched a mechanic that includes new missions, these missions offer hexagons as a reward, so if you want to know how to win hexes in Ark Genesis you will have to start completing these missions.
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    So quickly go to your inventory and look for the indicator of the amount of hexagons you have, in addition to that you can also access the list of missions that you have to complete and which you have to open.

    The missions are arranged according to the level of proximity, so open the missions and then you will have to touch in the upper right corner where the "Follow mission" button will appear.

    This will make an icon appear on the screen with which you can find it.

    One of more missions that offers more hexagons is the Dodo Ball mission is basically basketball, played with birds. This mission is composed of three levels of difficulty established by Gamma, Alpha and Beta, with Alpha difficulty being the one with the highest and best rewards.

    What you have to do in this mission is quite simple, collect the Dodos and throw straight into the hoops until you get the necessary points.

    Try to stay very alert because other creatures could shoot you while throwing the dodos.

    As we mentioned, it is a fairly simple mission in general, so you should have no problem doing it. Also if you want to repeat the mission to continue earning hexagons you can do it, but the amount of reward will decrease, so we recommend you complete the other missions.

    Another way of how to win hexagons in Ark Genesis is to close Glitches, for this you will have to locate the Glitches on the map thanks to the bright purple lighthouse it has and go where they are to keep the "E" button pressed to fix the Glitch.

    This will reward you with hexagons and an HLNA Exhibition Dump, with which you can exchange your hexagons for resources and other items.

     So we finish this guide on how to win hexagons in Ark Genesis, quite valuable information that we hope you can take advantage of in the game to get as many hexagons as possible and in this way to exchange or buy objects with them.

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