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When it comes to mobile and online gaming, there are a lot of fairly simple concepts that take hold among fans and end up sticking around for years. The explosion of the tower defense genre online led us to the likes of Bloons and Plants vs. Zombies, which are now extraordinarily popular mobile series; humble, pixel-heavy Minecraft built itself into an empire; and years after it vaulted to the top of the mobile charts, we’re still discussing Clash Of Clans tips.

 Amidst all the success we’ve seen among online and mobile titles though, one genre has always remained on the fringes. Casino slot arcades have simply never gotten their due, at least with American gaming audiences, despite representing some of the most reliably entertaining simple video game options on the internet. It’s for that reason that we’re making note of them here, and shedding a little light on how to enjoy the category.

 Why Is The Category Overlooked?

 There may not be one answer to this question. However, it’s fair to say that gamers in the U.S. overlook slot arcades due to a simple lack of exposure. Yes, there are some slot machine games available in mobile app stores, as well as in online browsers. These are usually fairly cheap imitations of classic Las Vegas slots though. They lack the development creativity that has launched the category to success abroad, and they revolve purely around artificial money. Thus, in a sense, many U.S. gamers are hardly even aware of high-end slot arcades.

 Then again, plenty of gamers also avoid the category intentionally because of an aversion to paid gaming. Naturally, slots are associated with gambling, and many aren’t interested in games in which real money is on the line. Here too, however, there’s a misunderstanding. Even on regulated, real-money casino platforms, many of the best slot arcades have free-play options, so that they can be enjoyed without any deposit or wager.

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Where Can You Find The Games?

If you’re a U.S.-based gamer, the answer to this question is fairly simple right now: New Jersey. Unlike the majority of states that still prohibit online casino gaming, New Jersey has active casino operators who are presenting fairly high-end gaming sites. Regarding the topic of slots specifically, this means that gamers in New Jersey can now access a range of websites which all present whole categories of slot arcades. Some in other states may also be able to access these games for free play or demos — though we make no guarantees on that front.

We should also point out that these New Jersey slot arcades are essentially U.S.-based versions of games that already existed across borders and overseas. Specifically, gaming operators in Canada, Ireland, and Great Britain are known for what more or less amount to the same collections of slot experiences. Regarding these options too, it is possible in some cases to play some of the games remotely without real money on the line

What Signifies A Good Slot Arcade?

So, if you actually explore this category, what should you look for? What actually makes the games worthwhile?

Particularly for fist-time experiences with online casinos, we might suggest looking for familiar themes. These can make for easy entry points, and quickly expose you to some of what makes modern slot arcades enjoyable. For instance, fans of DC superheroes or Universal monsters will find games that appeal to them among the New Jersey selection. So will those who enjoy hard and classic rock, given the presences of games based on bands like Guns N’ Roses. There are even games revolving around the film Gladiator (which almost doesn’t have a video game presence elsewhere) and the show Battlestar Galactica (which is sometimes lamented for its lack of good games). Finding a themed option that appeals to you is a great place to start.

Beyond that, it’s wise to look for three things: bonus spins, mini-games, and graphics. Bonus spins are essentially in-game bonuses that extend your gameplay and often bring about fun animations. Mini-games liven up the experience with a bit of non-slot activity. And the graphics these days can be almost surprisingly excellent for a category that doesn’t necessarily need strong visuals. Any or all of these features tend to be indicative of the better slot arcades.

In Conclusion

This category is worth a look. If slot games aren’t your thing, then no harm done. And if you don’t want to play with real money, you certainly don’t need to. But if you’re looking for some new options for casual gaming, or games to pass the time with, you may be pleasantly surprised by today’s online casino slots.

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