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Apostle: How to Enable 18+ Content - Uncensor Patch

2019-12-23 09:01:00

It is important to know how to enable 18+ Content, so I invite you to see how this is done in Apostle.

Why enable 18+ Content in Apostle?

This censorship patch is enabled with the possibility of getting more activities to do in this game, because there are simply certain monsters that are back, causing a series of events to take place, where King Yagami will see a turn in his life , since those who threatened humanity 50 years ago are about to return to end peace.

How to enable 18+ Content in Apostle?

This is a patch that usually runs automatically, so the files are installed by default in the Steam directory, to carry out this process we only need to run the installation file, once we do this, we click on next , so, that leads us to agree and accept the terms, so here we will only click on I Agree, then click on Next.

It is important to be clear that the installation of this game is located outside the directory of the game, for this it is only necessary to use the change button because, through it we will change the location of the installation folder once this is done we only have to click on Next a couple of times, so that the patch finishes with its installation and this way it is patched, to continue the game a little more openly.

In conclusion, knowing how to enable 18+ Content is a simple installation process that allows us to play with much more pleasure Apostle.

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