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We invite you to discover How to play on Mac, an option available to play Apex Legends.

What to know about the Mac in Apex Legends?

The Macs compared to the PCs are not faithfully made to support games, but it does not mean that one game more than another can work, especially if this game to run is basic, now to have an idea of How to play on Mac there is a number of recommendations that can help in this regard, let's just move on with the present content.

How to play Apex Legends on Mac?

Windows installation: a version of Windows is required that allows you to solve How to play on Mac, then this will lead us to try to play Apex Legends install Windows, this can be using Boot Camp or Parrallels, thereby achieving Windows functioning correctly, Let's see what this is about:
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    • With Boot Camp: the objective of this resource is that Windows can be used on Apple machines, it is integrated into our Mac and we only have to purchase and download Windows, in the process we will be guided by Apple, but the detail is that simultaneously it is not possible to run macOS and Windows, so to solve How to play on Mac Apex Legends will take us to do a restart to choose the system we need and make the change.
    • With Parallels: simultaneously it allows the execution of both systems, switching between them easily, its work is similar to that of an application on our Mac, just by pressing on it the change occurs, having the coherence mode as the interface that allows share among them, only that the cost to pay for Parallels is $ 79.99, taking into account the discounts that are ever presented, so if we do not have the resources to obtain it, the use of Boot Camp cannot be ruled out, the The point is that the purpose is to resolve How to play Apex Legends on Mac, regardless of the path the next will be to download the game, having access in the same way as on a Windows PC, it is important to consider the approximate space of 80 GB, which allows proper operation.


     Transmit the game: there is the possibility that to solve How to play on Mac is through the method of transmitting Apex Legends, to achieve this we have certain streaming providers such as Parsec, Vortex or GeForce Now, with which it will be carried out directly to our computer , only that we must consider the price of these providers and that a powerful and reliable internet is required that allows such an outstanding experience, it is possible that free trials could be the bridge to discover How to play on Mac with this method, the connection of our Internet is a very important factor, it is due to the requirements that it presents according to the provider, for streaming it is ideal that the connection is by cable, so by complying with such requirements we can have a streaming of Apex Legends.

    The remote game: the Remote Play that Sony has is very prominent in the fact of transmitting the games to our computer, something that solves How to play on Mac by this method, so what we will do is install Remote Play on our Mac to be able to have Apex Legends in this and after that we will make the configurations that the following requires:


    •  Remote Play must be enabled on the console in the settings.
    • The console must be activated to be primary.
    • Via UBS or Bluetooth we connect the remote to the Mac.
    • In the Remote Play application we access our account.


     Now for the operation of Remote Play to be possible on our Mac it is necessary that the version of the operating system be macOs Catalina, High Sierra or Mojave, it must be borne in mind that the search for profiles such as Steam or Origins will not be possible during this option transmission, in short we have a possibility to do and without additional cost.

     Finally, now that we know how to play on Mac we can enjoy a game as moved as Apex Legends.

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