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Problems are a natural element and in Apex Legends some have arisen, let's see How to fix error 0x887A0006

What to know about error 0x8877A0006 in Apex Legends?

This is a problem that has been afflicting a good number of players, which makes the experience of this game somewhat bitter, since it is placed as a type of obstacle where we are not allowed to continue, so to know How to fix the error 0x887A0006 is a necessary task, especially since this is a juice that can become addictive, however, and despite the fact that the developers have not indicated possible solutions, we bring you some that can get you out of these predicaments.

What are the most common errors in Apex Legends?

CreateShaderResourceView: this is an error that has been quite common and that can affect us because it does not allow us to play Apex Legends with the peace of mind that we should, however, it seems to be related to the graphics card.

CreateTexture2D Failed to créate texture: knowing how to fix error 0x887A0006 is a fairly common inconvenience, however, the CreateTexture2D error is another failure that we get on a regular basis, which is clearly associated with VRAM and to respond to it only necessary:
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    • Click the right mouse button.
    • Select configuration
    • Click on the configuration link.
    • Go to the advanced tab
    • Click switch to virtual memory.
    • Uncheck the custom size option that has a value below 15,000 MB and a value above 30,000 MB.


    Error 0x887A0006 - DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG: Apex Legends is a game that has achieved great popularity and therefore knowing how to fix error 0x887A0006 is a necessary task for which it is favorable to repair the game files, or install a GPU driver, however and for to make everything simpler there is the possibility of having some simple solutions, and they are the following:

    Remove the graphics card drivers: this is an excellent alternative that we can apply in this game, because with this it is possible to solve our objective, which is How to repair the error 0x887A0006, for this we must:


    •  Go to the taskbar and click with the right mouse button where we select "device manager."
    • We select display drivers in the device manager.
    • We right-click on Dedicated GPU.
    • Select properties
    • Click on "Roll back driver" in properties.
    • We click confirm.
    • Finally, we restart the system and that's it.


     Run as administrator: this is another possible option and that offers us a favorable solution for this it is necessary:

    •  Right-click Origin Launcher.
    • Move through the drop-down menu to select the location of the open file.
    • We right-click on Apex Legends and select “run as administrator”.
    • We click "yes" to confirm and that's it.


    Make changes in the registry editor: This is another favorable solution that we can carry out in Apex Legends, which allows us to solve this problem for which it is necessary:

    • We click on the Windows R button.
    • Here we open an execution dialog box where we must write "Regedit" to proceed to press Enter.
    • Once this has been done it is necessary to write this link [COMPUTERHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDrivers]
    • Then we create a new 32-bit “DWORD” and name it “TdrDelay”.
    • We click on Enter and then assign it the value that we must write, and it is [0,8]
    • We save and finish by restarting the PC.


     Repair the game: we continue with the solutions and knowing how to repair the error 0x887A0006 leads us to take this option, for this it is necessary:

    • Open "Origin Launcher" on our desktop screen.
    • Right-click where we must select repair.
    • Finally, we restart the system and go back to playing Apex Legends calmly.

     Now that you know how to fix error 0x887A0006, it is ideal to apply one of these solutions and in this way you will see that Apex Legends still has a lot to offer us.

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