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2020-10-22 10:40:15

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Amnesia Rebirth has arrived to embark on a world of terror and in this way be able to explain to you how to solve the cage puzzle

What is the cage puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

As we progress in this game we get the opportunity to solve a number of puzzles, as they give shape to our work, allowing us to progress considerably, this is precisely a vital puzzle for our progress and experience.

How to solve the cage puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

This is a task that first requires us to have the triangle devices and our job consists of moving the first one so that it can illuminate the corridor that leaves the main room where we have managed to land, then we observe that on the left side there is a device and we proceed to take it, then we choose to place the device on the floor near the entrance and the other in the corridor, specifically where the closed door looks in such a way that both devices can be connected, with this we achieve that the room can open to be able to choose to take a third device and exit.
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We continue and it is time to place a device at the beginning of the corridor that takes us to the theater, then we will place the second device at the opposite end to the previous one, we opted to place the third device down the ramp so that it can see the light green color on the right side, and then we turn the switch on the right side of the room which will allow a body to get out of the cage and land in the middle, in this way we throw the switch in front which allows the body can move to the room, we will go out and press the switch on the right side again, only this time the cage is already empty, so our next step is to climb the ladder to access the cage, after a scene the button It is placed in red color, it is only necessary to push it to get a bright figure to appear, when leaving this it is time to use the switch again.

Definitely, knowing how to solve the cage puzzle is a fairly simple but very useful task that we must carry out in Amnesia Rebirth.

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