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Today we prepare everything you need to know about how to fix HTTP error 429 in YouTube.

 What is HTTP Error 429 in YouTube

Before I tell you how to fix HTTP error 429, you have to know that this error has been showing up for a few days now, so if you got the error message "HTTP error 429: Too many requests", you are probably trying to find a solution quickly.

The reason is probably due to the number of requests that the server receives, keep in mind that there are security protocols installed in the servers that limit the number of requests that a user can make to the server, so if any user exceeds this number requests your user (your ip) can be blocked temporarily or permanently.

Another reason is to ban ISP, this basically because YouTube could have banned certain ISP and maybe your ip was blacklisted.

Whatever the reason we are going to help you by telling you how to fix HTTP error 429 in YouTube.
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    How to fix HTTP error 429 on YouTube.

    • On how to fix the error HTTP 429 in YouTube we have found four solutions for you that you can try, however you should keep in mind that it is important to follow it to the letter and move on to the next one if one does not work.
    • The first solution on how to fix HTTP error 429 in YouTube is for those players who are on their computer or laptop, we recommend using Reimage Plus, which can scan the repositories and replace the corrupt and missing files. If the error is caused by some system corruption, this program will solve it.
    • The second solution is related to the internet router. This in case YouTube has implemented an ip ban on your connection, you could get past this by changing your ip. For this the first thing you have to do is first of all disconnect the power from the internet router and hold down the "Power" button on the router for at least 30 seconds. Then you will have to reconnect the power to the router and then turn it on and when there is a connection check if the problem no longer exists.
    • If the above did not work we recommend making sure you have a stable Internet connection before trying to load YouTube again.
    • In case the above has not worked you will have to check if you are using OVH or any other VPS that has been blocked by YouTube. In that case you will have to contact the ISP and check with them to see if YouTube really blocks them. If so, you will have to ask the company to change the IP address.
    • If the problem is still not solved you will have to force the use of IPV4 instead of IPV6, accessing the command line YouTube-dl on your computer to type: youtube-dl -4 E and press the Enter key for the application force connections through IPV4.

     This has been all our guide on how to repair the HTTP 429 error in YouTube, we hope that it has been of the greatest possible use and that now that you know how to repair the HTTP 429 error you no longer have any other problem when accessing YouTube .

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