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Today we bring you a YouTube guide where we will explain how to fix An Error Occurred in detail.

 In our PC there are times when some faults appear, so it is necessary to have some tools that can lead us to a solution, more if we are accessing YouTube in it, there is software that may be capable of making corrections necessary and keep the PC protected, in order to lose files, malware, hardware errors and finally perform an optimization of the PC, for this you have to follow some steps, among which are performing downloading the tool from, we press to carry out the analysis to arrive with the problems that are affecting our team, then we go to repair everything to repair the problems, now this will be of help to solve the questions of how to solve An Error Occurred, you have to see the content of this guide that comes next and we will know.


What to know about An Error Occurred in YouTube?


 The visits we make to YouTube are every day in general, there is always something to look for, it is detail is that many of us are encountering the presence of an error, which indicates that we try later, causing us not to see the videos, but it is important that we know that there are details in this guide to help us how to fix An Error Occurred, just pay attention.


What do we actually find in the error in YouTube ?


 Looking for answers to how to fix An Error Occurred, it is good to have knowledge of what is happening, the first thing is that a message appears that obstructs the possibility of continuing to watch the videos in YouTube, where many things are happening as the following :


  •  Playing the videos is not possible: this can happen for different reasons, so it is necessary that in order to know how to solve an error, we apply some options that will be presented later
  •  When viewing YouTube: when we seek to watch a video, this error is commonly presented, but perhaps it is solved with a removal of the cache or simply by changing the quality of the video itself.
  • Search error: when we search for a video, said error occurs, which may be enough with a simple restart of the computer. Error when we execute the operation: it is a variation of the same problem, which we will have some ways to solve later.
  • Error when being in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Interner Explorer and Opera: we will notice that in the greatest number of browsers this error occurs, so testing with the answers to how to solve an error has occurred will be the most correct thing.
  • Flash Player error: sometimes the Flash Player usually brings us failures, which makes it necessary for us to even uninstall it from our PC for a possible solution, we will now keep in mind the different answers that will help us how to solve an error has happened, let's see the next content.

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    How to fix An Error Occurred in YouTube?


     Now let's see one by one the application of each of these steps to answer how to solve an error has occurred, being the best options for YouTube, let's continue reading the content to understand in more detail.


     Make changes to our DNS


    •  Click the right mouse button on the network icon in the system bar, choosing to open the configuration that has to do with the internet
    • We enter Change options for the adapter
    • We look for our network connection and click the button on the right of the mouse and go to the properties.
    • We enter the internet protocol version 4 tcp-7ipv4 in the present list, clicking on the properties
    • We mark in the use of the addresses of the DNS server and we place preferably the one of, in the alternative we put, then we save the changes.


     If we are before the error that we try it later if it can be our DNS, since by default our team uses the DNS of the internet provider, sometimes there is usually the problem, with the change with the steps mentioned above It can be one of the concrete answers to how to solve an error occurred, then we can see if this error is corrected.


     It should be noted that for YouTube this solution has served few people, but we can not leave it out, in the event that Google's DNS does not work, we have to change the configuration by default, or it may be recommended The installation of a VPN, with which we will skip the restrictions that are present, having even greater security and privacy, the installation of the PIA is recommended, in order that our connection has greater stability in terms of different services.


     Let's see how to make the change for PIA DNS below:


    •  Disconnect the VPN and we will open the application
    • We choose 3 horizontal points and press to configure
    • We move to the network tab
    • We chose the DNS servers to use, this being PIA DNS
    • We connect the VPN again and load the page from YouTube
    • From the PIA we will make a change in the country, this in case the load is slow, we have to choose one that is closest to us.


     Forget about this place


    •  We search the history of our browser with the Ctrl H
    • We locate the links of YouTube
    • With the right mouse button we choose to forget this place
    • We restart the browser and try to make a video playback


     Related to how to fix an error occurred, we are before a very useful function that we can have in Firefox, with which it is possible to eliminate cookies, passwords and cache files that websites bring with them, this can be a possible solution to this error.


     Flash deactivation


    •  We go into Firefox and write about.addons here
    • We will now go to the Plugins section and look to deactivate Flash, choosing that it never be activated.


     It is possible that the presence of the error is caused by the Flash, when watching videos, so its deactivation is necessary, with the steps indicated above it can be done, in the event that Firefox is not our browser, we must do it in the same way for which we are using, it is done in the same way in all the applications of this in terms of how to solve an error has occurred.

    Delete cookies and cache and update our plugins


    •  Click on the menu button in the upper right corner and choose the library
    • Click on history
    • Click on clear history
    • We choose the data to delete, being these caches and cookies, in the end we click on delete now
    • After this ends we will restart Firefox


     In the search for the precise answers to how to solve an error has occurred in YouTube, we can eliminate cookies and cache, the previous steps will help us to do it, in the other browsers it is done in the same way, in terms of updating even browser plugin, it is ideal that we make it to the latest version, which can end the possible compatibility errors that appear.


    Remove acceleration through hardware


    •  We start Firefox and go to the options
    • We got down to the performance section
    • We will uncheck the options that say use of the recommended configuration and hardware acceleration
    • Now we will restart Firefox and enter to try to play the YouTube videos.


     With the previous steps we can deactivate the hardware acceleration that has been a problem for many of us and thus we have another answer as to how to solve an error has occurred, in the event that we are using a different browser we must take into account that the steps are the same, hardware acceleration can be the source of many problems and it may be a solution to disable it.


    Sound drivers require updating


     Among all the answers we have had in relation to how to solve an error that occurs in YouTube, we have to update the audio drivers a lot has helped them to solve it, for this we will go to the website of the manufacturer of our motherboard or sound card, to download the latest drivers manually, is very problematic, so we will have the third-party tool, thus downloading automatically.


    Connect headphones or speakers


     To answer how to solve an error has occurred, we are before one of the most unusual possible solutions, but in some cases it has helped to solve this problem, so it is necessary that if we are using the built-in speakers, we have to try to connect them , we have to consist of a red cross on the icon that has to do with the volume, if so, we need to reconnect and then try to see if the problem of watching the videos in YouTube was solved.

    Use different browsers


     When noticing that nothing works for us and this error persists, it is good that we make a change to the browser, since many have expressed that this error is not present in some browsers, so changing the one we are using at this time can be a option, you can even update to see how it goes.


    The quality of the videos


     In YouTube this error for some users has been corrected by making a change in the quality of the video, for this we have to click on the equipment, which is located in the lower right corner of the video, thus choosing a different quality, taking into account that this case serves in how to solve an error has occurred provisionally, it means that it must be repeated in each of the videos that we will see.


    Proper activation of cookies


     The deactivation of cookies can be the source of this error in YouTube, since this page depends on it and it is possible to answer how to solve an error, for this we have to enable them and it is done like this:


    •  In the browser we click on the menu in the upper right corner and choose settings
    • We go down to where it says advanced and enter
    • Where it says privacy and security, we will go through content settings
    • We get to Cookies
    • We are looking for blocking the configuration of cookies for third parties and we have to see it deactivated


     In this way we have that YouTube should work correctly now. For any other browser like Chrome we have that the steps are the same to follow.


    Our browser has to be reinstalled.


     The last answer on how to fix an error occurred, it goes through the problems in the browser, which it is possible that just by reinstalling it solutions, many users have reported that it has been so, considering that the uninstallation ends with cookies, the history , passwords and this being so, it is best to back up all information before it is done.


     This way we finish our guide on YouTube, now you know how to solve an error has occurred, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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