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In the next article we will cover everything you need to know about how to beat an ankylosaurus in Second Extinction in the fastest way.

What is an ankylosaurus in Second Extinction?

It is one of the dinosaurs that you can find in the game, this being one of the most armored creatures (and that actually inhabited the Earth at the end of the Cretaceous). The clubbed tail and spikes quadruped dinosaur can be found easily in the game, so you will have to face them and know how to do it so as not to lose so much health.

How to beat an ankylosaur in Second Extinction?

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    The first thing to highlight about your first encounter with this species of dinosaur in the game is that it has many differences with what you may have seen in books about dinosaurs. The dinosaur in the game has more spikes than we could have seen in the books and series. As well as acting differently, spinning when tapping to try to hit you with their tail, they can also slide towards you spinning to knock you over, and they can even turn around and hit the tail with the ground to stun you.

    The key to ending this species of dinosaur is to hit them from behind using explosives such as grenades or Jurgen's Satchel Charge, pay attention to their soft belly that they will use to stop their attack.

    Shoot directly at the blue bottom until you finish off the ankylosaurus.

    We hope that after presenting this article on how to beat an ankylosaur in Second Extinction, you will be much clearer on how to handle yourself for these encounters and will be the winner when the battle is over.

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