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Our Persona 4 Golden guide today focuses on explaining how to fix cutscene lag on PC

What can we say about Persona 4 Golden?

Perhaps it is remarkable to note that this game is not a novelty because it has been rolling for some years, what if it is new is that it has been incorporated for PC and this could give it a certain twist for those who are new to this sequel, it is an excellent game for Those who already have experience, but upon arrival at this platform it is not entirely very favorable, since since they presented it, Steam has presented a delay scene cut and this has obtained some reactions from the players.

This is a game that is not scheduled to be released for PS4 but at the moment it is possible to get the most out of it on the PC, in fact this can give us the necessary jump to know how to fix the delay of the scene on the PC, perhaps there are some elements that may need to be solved to ensure that it can be included in the console, it will only be necessary to wait a short time and that Atlus is scheduled to offer some details and announcements this June 23.

What are the possible causes of PC cut scene delay for Persona 4 Golden?

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    • Everything seems to indicate that it is behind this failure it could be Denuvo or at least so what we have some users.
    •     Other users point out that this failure was caused by having included the DRM and this causes problems because it is already an old game that has managed to be available for a long time.
    •     Others have chosen to blame Sega.
    •     There are those who claim that it could be meets Atlus and dinosaur-based business practices.
    •     A group of Reddit users say they might expect Denuvo to be removed at some point in time for what happened to Sega for PC, although specifically this option for Persona 4 Golden is not specifically the most favorable one.

    How to fix scene delay on PC in Persona 4 Golden?

    To solve this problem, it is good to follow these instructions:

    •     Go to the control panel and select System and Security.
    •     Then click Change battery settings under Power Options.
    •     At this point it will be necessary to choose Recommended if the option we currently have is Custom.
    •     Another possible solution that can help is to play in windowless mode.
    •     It is possible to test the possibility of moving the SSD game folder and proceed to perform a graphics card driver update.
    •     Another way to solve this error is to limit the maximum FPS by setting it to 30, it is not ideal but it can solve if you have Nvidia and that could solve this error.

    Now that you know how to fix cutscene lag on PC it is a moment to execute the necessary changes and with this power continue enjoying Persona 4 Golden.

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