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Errors tend to occur sometimes in Nintendo Switch and this allows us to explain how to fix Won’t Charge

What is the cause of Won’t Charge in Nintendo Switch?

 This console has been sold enough and this means that when problems arise, there are more users with these failures, in such a way that this leads us to consider knowing how to fix Won’t Charge, based on these inconveniences:


  •  The console does not turn on.
  • The console does not wake up when pressing the "Power" or "Home" button after the console goes to sleep.
  • The amount of battery in the Nintendo Switch usually has a short performance that does not reach 6 hours and therefore failures appear, such is the case of our question about how to fix no charge.
  • These problems usually affect the performance of the console which does not allow us to enjoy it.


 There are some questions related to this failure and therefore it is necessary to consider some causes that usually cause it, in such a way that knowing how to fix Won’t Charge allows us to understand that:
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    • The Nintendo Switch has a lithium battery that requires a few minutes to charge, before showing signs of vitality, we must be clear on the one hand it is necessary to install a plugin to charge it and this can last 30 minutes, on the other hand the battery is of 4310mAh.
    • It is necessary to check the power cable of the console, because the fact of being defective can make this battery not able to be charged and therefore we have this problem.
    • Software failures can be a recurring issue to show us problems, as these tend to prevent the console from turning on or simply charging.


     Some problems related to the Charge issue can be easy to deduce, in this sense knowing how to fix Won’t Charge leads us to consider:


    •  Check the charger in case it needs to be restarted.
    • Check the contact points inside the USB-C charging port, as they may be damaged or simply dirty.
    • Check the console dock, because being broken, it does not work.
    • Check the charging adapter, as it can sometimes be faulty or dirty.
    • Having the possibility of having an edited or hacked console can mean that some functionalities may not work correctly.
    • There are some third-party accessories that we usually use and these can cause us inconvenience.


     How to fix Won’t Charge in Nintendo Switch?

    There are fast enough and simple solutions that we can apply, in this sense, it is valid:


    •  Plug it in to charge.
    • Choose to reboot the hard drive.
    • Make use of an official power adapter.
    • Check that the power adapter is defective and therefore change it.
    • Wait a few hours for the Nintendo Switch to charge.

     Before going to the actual solutions on how to fix Won’t Charge it is necessary to take into account:

     There are two ways to Charge the Nintendo Switch:


    •  Connecting the USB.-C charger to the console.
    • Plugging the end of the adapter into the power outlet at home.


     To charge the Joy-Cons you need:


    •  Connect them to the tablet and plug the charger into the USB-C charger tablet.
    • It is possible to use the Venom charging station, this offers us the possibility of charging 4 Joy-Cons simultaneously.


     Now if we fully enter the solution about how to fix Won’t Charge and this implies:

    Check the charger: this is a necessary action, because although it is true that it may originally become resistant, this does not necessarily mean that it cannot be damaged, sometimes it is possible to check and find bent pins, these tend to cause short circuits, to mention An example, it is also possible that they have wear or cracks and therefore this makes it unusable, because not only does it not tend to have its effect of charging but it could represent a danger, in such a way that our first option should be to replace it .

    Wait and charge the Nintendo Switch for a minimum period of one hour: this is a simple enough action, in case the battery is too discharged and we know this thanks to the light that indicates it, it is feasible to connect it to the power adapter of the console for a time of about an hour and voila.

    Charge for several hours: in the event that it is not feasible to charge for an hour, it is necessary to apply this other solution, since it is possible to charge it slowly, especially in the event that it is highly discharged, this implies recharging for a long time, Well, sometimes we go days without recharging and therefore this leads us to consider slow charging, in this sense, knowing how to fix no charge leads us to wait a long time, however, in case about a day goes by without giving a response positive charge, it is ideal to choose to restart completely.

    Make use of the official Nintendo Switch charger: The idea is to have an official charger, because although it is true in the market there are so-called generics and in some cases they can be favorable, there is nothing like using the original product, which in general terms it is guarantees of reliability and safety.

    Perform a hard reset: this is the last applicable option in case none of the above has worked, for this it is necessary:


    •  You need to press the power button for about 12 seconds.
    • Proceed to release the power button.
    • Press the power button again and you're done.

     This is all we can tell you about how to fix Won’t Charge, because it is only necessary to put some of these solutions into practice and in this way continue to enjoy the Nintendo Switch.

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