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The danger is present in Drake Hollow so today we are going to talk to you about How to pass the ether

What is the ether in Drake Hollow?

  In a game where you survive and fight in a quite dark world, it is normal to get yourself with some complex elements, some pests that can become quite dangerous, the ether stripes are just that, a substance that can kill us quickly, but that is somehow necessary. Cross it since the map has other interesting and important resources for us, although the ether has a certain similarity to water, it is simply lethal.
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    How to pass ether in Drake Hollow?

     In order to cross this substance, it is necessary to use some resources, the fragments of the glow stone may be one of them, as it is important to explore and get a good amount, since each of them give us 15 seconds of time to be able to walk in the ether with the Ather and that we are not affected, because normally when we enter this substance we are faced with the possibility of having an imminent danger, crossing it walking is the idea but it is necessary to use these resources to make time since here we have a timer.

     Crossing quickly is vital if we do not want to die, for this we could opt for the Ather Ward that has been placed in some holes and can be favorable for us, however, not everything is like that and there are holes that require other resources such as the fragments, however it is possible to build a vital Curiosity Workshop to unlock some recipes where the Aether Wayoint is, the idea is to be able to manufacture it to cross the mortal waters by crossing alive, because although it is not a simple task we can do it, more More resources and exciting tasks await us ahead that we simply cannot miss.

     Definitely Drake Hollow manages to occupy us and make us skilled enough, because knowing How to pass the ether makes us smart since surviving is our biggest and best activity here.

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