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If you are wondering where to find salvage in Disintegration, this guide is for you, because we will answer that and more.

What is salvage in Disintegration.

Before telling you where to find rescue, you have to know that it is a gray element that you can obtain in various ways and that it will be useful for you to level your troops and yourself and gain skill, depending on the amount of rescue you have been able to obtain. at the end of each mission. This item doesn't keep once you find it, but stays with you for 20 to 30 seconds before it disappears.
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    Where to find salvage in Disintegration.

    As we mentioned, rescue can be obtained in several ways, but if you want to know where to find rescue quickly, the best way is to use the scan ability, which will allow you to highlight important objects in green, as well as a description of what it is each structure and what is inside if you hold your grid over them.

    However, you should bear in mind that some of these objects will restore your health, but they do not contain salvage, so you will have to keep looking and be patient, although here we have listed the elements that you have to scan to make things easier for you:

    • Transport containers.
    • Supply of blisters (difficult to detect).
    • Electric units (difficult to detect).
    • The enemy loot falls.
    • Garbage piles.
    • Salvageable vehicles.
    • Hardened boxes.
    • The military hiding places.
    • Rayon boxes.

    The electrical units and supply ampoules can be found bolted to the walls of buildings in Disintegration.

    Another way to obtain salvage is through enemies that drop different amounts of salvage when killed.

    Also search off the linear path, in all the places you can to find each hiding place, without straying too far from the path.

     This is all you need to know about where to find salvage in Disintegration and we hope that now that you know, you can get the most out of this item to level up and gain new skills. Remember that we have already talked about all this in a previous guide that we recommend you review to keep up to date.

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