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Bosses are simply the biggest headaches with which we got in Destroy All Humans giving way to know how to beat Robo-Prez

Exactly who is Robo-Prez in Destroy All Humans?

As we progress in this game we realize that it is necessary to defeat the bosses and Robo-Prez is only the final boss, this simply implies the possibility of showing all our best effort, especially since the attacks that this genres are simply formidable and deadly.

Robo-Prez has the possibility to start the fight while in the Dirty Tricks mode and this is specifically because he usually receives orders from Silhouette, since this girl appears in our mission that has a cut scene as the beginning, which if it is necessary to understand, it is that knowing how to beat Robo-Prez is simply a complex fight where surviving is simply our only option.

How to beat Robo-Prez in Destroy All Humans?

The first thing we must consider is this enemy is simply large, which could place it as a simple target, we will have to participate in 3 stages of fighting, which is quite complex because if we die, we will simply have to do the whole process from the beginning and it is frustrating when we are really far away. An important detail when it comes to knowing how to beat Robo-Prez is to make use of our entire arsenal, and this simply means that it is something that we will do from the beginning, another interesting aspect that we have is the possibility of meeting on the ship. In addition, we have to consider the options of having the laser beam in our favor and send some projectiles, because definitely this enemy is usually formidable in Destroy All Humans.

Knowing how to beat Robo-Prez simply allows us to focus on some specific strategies, stories such as starting in the Dirty Tricks mode, this implies having the possibility of being extremely agile, because before starting the fight itself, it will necessarily be necessary to avoid fires, because our fight fixes at the moment in which taking our ship in Destroy All Humans is simply the option, because this allows us to start our fight by executing some shots at the boss and this can only be achieved with lasers, since ten in mind that This He is a robot and not just any weapon is ideal for attacking him.

Robo-Prez is simply a complex boss in Destroy All Humans and this implies that when he feels threatened he will choose to attack, since he has the ability to execute some shots or simply produce some balloons with mines, since he only has these two attacks but they are not very difficult, which implies having to dodge them, as this is part of knowing how to beat Robo-Prez, the detail is that this is only the warm-up and these attacks are not as powerful as those that we will have to face later, our task here is avoid some damage, avoiding as much as possible not to get hit because if this happens it could generate too much damage, while this happens we should consider being fixedly aiming at the chest of our enemy since this is simply offers us the opportunity to hit him with laser fire so that we can access the next necessary objective in this fight.
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    Having abundant health is one of the most important tasks that we must consider and if we need it, it is possible to take it from the vehicles on the right or simply from the mechs that are fired, these usually have enough energy, so we can only destroy the latter when we have obtained the energy, and this is a necessary process in the fight to know how to defeat Robo-Prez, because it usually attacks us and generates some formidable blows that usually weaken us. Meanwhile, it is important to take time to collect the energy from the vehicles and proceed to restore health, this is very easy to carry out while this boss is on his knees in Destroy All Humans, since this can occur when we manage to perform some amount of damage with our blows, as this also paves the way for us to go to another area where this boss moves quickly and it will be important to follow him.

    Following this enemy allows us to obtain some interesting elements and these are vital to know how to defeat Robo-Prez, because during the course of the trip we are on a road that contains sonic explosion ammunition, with it it is possible to carry out an attack on this enemy in Destroy All Humans but this even when it does some damage also works to counterattack us.

    This stage of struggle is complex and can become a headache since you can already take the opportunity to make a number of mine balloons as well as destroy SAM turrets, at this point we can be smart, because if we choose to interpose ourselves between the spawning of balloons, SAM turrets, tracking missiles using laser beams, we can easily achieve a considerable amount of damage to the boss in Destroy All Humans, this being a rather complicated process, but one that is usually capable of gradually getting our job, knowing how to defeat a Robbery. -Prez.

    Flare attacks and laser beams are two blows that we will easily have to dodge in order to know how to defeat Robo-Prez, because this usually raises its arms to proceed to fire missiles, because this simply means that it is essential to focus on destroying the balloons of mines since these can be quite annoying in Destroy All Humans, in addition we can count on the possibility of making these missiles simply be returned to this boss, since they have already managed to harm us but our goal at the moment is simply to destroy the mine globes We will try to do everything in our power with the sole objective of dodging the attacks caused by Robo-Prez with flares and lasers, as this meanwhile allows us to continue our task of hitting him in his vulnerable area, the chest

    Our efforts to learn how to beat Robo-Prez simply allow us to hit him to bring him to his knees, especially since we have to get several mechs from whom we take energy to improve our health, but during this process it is possible that this boss will achieve get up and proceed to run until you reach the pentagon, only it does not fully understand that our task is to beat it and this is where we take the opportunity to use the sonic boom, we will be vigilant because it does not stand still and then we give the task of eliminating SAM mine balloons and turrets.

    As we are in the final stretch to beat Robo-Prez in Destroy All Humans, it is vital to understand that we must take care of ourselves a little more because we will no longer have many options to recover our health and this will choose to attack us. In this sense, it is necessary to continue to dodge the fire, and continue to attack continuously, because in this short period of time this boss is defeated and we are left with the sweet taste of victory.

    This is all we need to know about how to beat Robo-Prez, as it is definitely a strong fight but necessary to reach the end in Destroy All Humans.

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