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Guide to learn how to get the CPU Plaza and PlayStation Labo puzzle pieces in Astro’s Playroom

  For those who are just discovering this Astro’s Playroom game, it is a small game that they included as a gift for those who bought the PS5 and although it does not have much to tell as a story, Playroom houses enough content to enjoy for several hours.

There are four levels in the four worlds of the game, each with a collection of references and collectibles that are reminiscent of the PlayStation brand. If you find all four puzzle pieces in each section, you'll notice that the walls of PlayStation Labo are filled with a colorful mural for each generation of PlayStation consoles. However, even if you grab all the pieces from those worlds, you won't finish the murals. You will also need to take the ones from the hub world. Because of this in this guide we will tell you how to get the CPU Plaza and PlayStation Labo puzzle pieces.
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    How to get CPU Plaza and PlayStation L abo puzzle pieces in Astro’s Playroom?

    In the game, you will need to find four puzzle pieces in CPU Plaza. This room allows you to choose which world you want to enter. One can be found by entering the basement to the right as you enter. Go down the slope and turn left to find a platform with three robots and cables to pull. Pull all three wires and the puzzle piece will appear.

    Once you get back to the main floor, you need to climb a wall on the left side from the main entrance. Once you go up you will come to a platform that rotates when you stand on it, tilt it so you can jump onto the bounce platform on the left. It will launch you into the second puzzle piece.

    This time use the platform to now move to the right and up. Keep going up until you find a cable that you can slide down to the other side of the room. Go up a couple of moving platforms and head to the left to find the third puzzle piece.

    When you have that piece head to the right to keep going up though this after a moment you will hit the orange bounce pads which will take you to the final piece of the puzzle. In this area you will have to be very careful, because it is at the top of a narrow path and, if you fall, you will have to go back up everything.

    Once you have all the pieces together you will see that the puzzles in this collectible room are all relegated to the down machine. When you enter the room, you will see a giant red button and four robots standing near it.

    Jump to the red button and you will open the gacha machine. Each extraction costs 100 coins, and you can get the aforementioned puzzle pieces, artifacts, statues, or cans to smash. Hold L2 to pull the level and R2 to open each capsule.

     Now that you know how to get the CPU Plaza and PlayStation Labo puzzle pieces in Astro’s Playroom, you can complete this level to move on to a more entertaining one in the game. Luck!

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